Advanced Mobile Medical Services website
Advanced Mobile Medical Services website

Advanced Mobile Medical Services, LLC, founded in 2017, is a premier healthcare group here to serve you! Our aim is to prevent chronic illness in you by enhancing existing health through individualized healthcare, education, biometric screening and monitoring, and medication management, if needed. 

Approximately, 75% of healthcare cost are focused on chronic disease management and with proactive preventative primary care, those healthcare costs can be significantly decreased.  Our providers establish a trusting provider-client relationship with you.  We develop with you, attainable goals and outcomes that yield results.  

Our robustly modern model includes a variety options for your access including mobile visits in the privacy of your own setting, traditional office visits, and Telehealth.  Our model curates individualized and convenient healthcare care to improve your health and experience. We value intimate relationships centered on privacy, transparency, and integrity. 

We promise you:

Quality, Innovation, Professionalism, Integrity, Inclusiveness, and Affordability. 

Advanced Mobile Medical Services website

Our Mission:

To enhance your health by delivering quality, innovative, precise, and individualized healthcare in the privacy of your own setting.

Advanced Mobile Medical Services website

Our Vision:

To see healthier outcomes by bridging the gaps in access to quality, affordable, and efficient healthcare. 

What is

 Primary Care?


Care Model?

Healthcare Partnership 

and Accountability

What is

Our Role?

What is

Your Role?

A primary care practice serves as your first point of entry into the health care system and as the continuing focal point for all needed healthcare services. 

We emphasize health promotion, disease prevention, health maintenance, counseling, education, diagnosis, and treatment of acute and chronic illnesses. As your healthcare provider, we will address your health concerns which may range from relatively minor, self-limiting, to a complex set of symptoms. 

An example would be managing your rash, blood pressure, or upper respiratory infection. We also help you manage illnesses and will provide preventive care not limited to screening tests, immunizations, and counseling about lifestyle. 

A partnership is intended to communicate the idea that both provider and you have responsibilities. Providers are accountable as described above; whereas, you are responsible for helping to sustain the relationship by conveying complete and timely information to the provider, making healthy lifestyle choices, seeking care as appropriate, and by participating in the management and treatment plan.

As your healthcare partner, we listen to you!  We formulate diagnoses, manage, and screen for other healthcare problems. Your provider educates and communicates with you and others who may be involved including other specialists. 

You are responsible for your own health to the magnitude that you are capable.  We help you cultivate knowledge and skills that will allow you to participate in improving your health. 

Advanced Mobile Medical Services website



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