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Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

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Effective bystander CPR is the cornerstone of survival when in cardiac arrest. Early recognition of the occurrence and immediate initiation of the emergency response system are just as crucial as the quality of CPR delivered. Your knowledge can triple a victim’s chances of survival.  There is still a huge disparity in existing awareness of quality CPR and it’s optimal performance. 
We teach instructor led CPR courses and can come to you! Our classes are professional, learnable, and in a stress- free environments. We pair participants with mannequins for hands on learning. 
We cover infant, child, and adult CPR with automatic external defibrillator usage. Although not required, we also teach rescue breathing for the layperson. Once class is complete, CPR cards are emailed.

CPR certification classes are available during normal business hours, evenings, and weekends.  We can also discuss individual classes, email us for more details at

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Advanced Mobile Medical Services website

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