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Services We Provide

We offer extended and weekend hours Same day visits Corporate and Small Business Health and Wellness Urine drug screening Alcohol testing Advanced care planning (Living will, Power of Attorney, Advanced Directives, with Notary available) Acne Allergic reactions Arthritis Asthma Back pain (strain, pulled muscles, and sciatica) Bladder/Urine infections Catheterizations Cold sores Constipation Cough, colds, flu Dehydration including - (food poisoning, traveler’s diarrhea)- IV hydration is available Earaches Ear lavage- earwax (cerumen) removal Eye infections Food poisoning Genital Herpes GERD (reflux disease) Gout Headaches Ingrown toenail removal Injections- Vitamin B12, steroids, and more Minor lacerations and burns treatment Notary Pregnancy Testing Prescription refills Preventative health STD screening Sinus infections Skin rashes, infections, and problems Strep Throat Snellen vision testing TB skin testing-PPD Upper respiratory infections Wound care- simple wounds Will also offer notary public! Need other forms filled out? We can help you with these as well. Physical exams: yearly, school, work include a basic head to toe physical ( no genital, intimate body parts can be done without an additional medical personnel) comes with weight/height BMI calculations, CBC, CMP, Lipid, TSH, Urine, and A1c) 150$ Yearly exams are a smart way to approach healthcare. Your exam starts the optimal path to maintain good health. A yearly exam helps us to check on and achieve your overall health and medical conditions. During this visit, our provider takes time to get to know you, your family history, and will gather vital data that could be affecting your health. Further, getting an exam while you are well helps build a firm foundation for optimal health.

Ongoing Medical Issues

Seborrhea dermatitis, eczema, stable psoriasis, obesity, edema, esophageal reflux disease, arthritis, Diabetes with oral medications only with no coexisting illnesses, hypothyroid disease with no coexisting conditions, high blood pressure with no coexisting medical conditions (must be able to get an EKG done for ongoing care). Women’s and Men’s health (erectile dysfunction) must be under age 69. New Patient Establishment: 60 minutes Provider will confirm all medical history. Complete a physical exam( in person). Formulate diagnosis, assessments, and treatment plans. Level 1 visit: 1 acute problem or 1 ongoing condition: 20-35 minutes Example: 1 acute problem, medication refill, or follow-up for stable ongoing health problem. Comes with a 5-minute telephone follow-up. Level 2 visit: 2 acute problems or 2 ongoing conditions: 60 minutes Example: 2 acute problems or 1 moderate problem such as breast pain, lump, vaginal itching/discharge, minor musculoskeletal injury (XRAYS not required), rectal bleeding, asthma exacerbation requiring nebulizer, animal bites, 2-3 medication refills, referrals, more than 2 ongoing health problems. Comes with a 5-minute telephone follow-up. Level 3 visit: 3+ acute problems, 2+ moderate problems, or 3 ongoing conditions, and/or requiring use of medications, lab draw, or durable medical equipment: 90+ minutes Includes a work note, any follow-up needed. Minor incision and drainage, injuries requiring sutures or derma bond. These visits may require onsite lab draws, medications, and treatments. Concierge membership Monthly- 75.00$( one 15 minute call per week( cannot roll over) , 2 visits( in person or Telehealth), 20% discounts on merchandise/medical equipment, 30 % off a la carte items, monthly newsletter, and established patient access) cancel at any time.

Other services and investment fees

  • Telephone consultation- 15$ for 15 minutes. If consultation extends past 15 minutes, a scheduled appointment will be needed. No prescription, labs, referrals, or medical decisions are made in a telephone consultation. Only medical counseling and advice will be given.
  • STD package- 65.00$: consultation, lab orders, and medication (no other medical issues included)
  • Pregnancy verification package- 55.00$: consultation, HGC lab order, and OB/GYN referral (no other medical issues included)
  • Sick Video call 25.00$ (15 min video consultation discussing current illness, general medical advice (no medications or labs will be prescribed), and work note for no more than 2 days off.
  • Any kind of forms needing medical verification, notary, and alike- 20$ and up
  • IV hydration 120$ and up for food poisoning, performance enhancement (no steroids or enhancing agents), vitamin burst, dehydration cocktail. Supplies and administration by a Nurse Practitioner. Includes a work note if needed.
  • 1099 contractor rates are available, contact us.
  • Group home, ALF, ILF rates are available, contact us.
  • DOT physicals-coming soon


  • Chest pain, shortness of breathing, fainting, major lacerations, major wounds, motor vehicle accidents, workers compensation, anyone under the age of 13, go into nursing homes, or draw labs by other providers.
  • Complex chronic illnesses such as multiple mental health illnesses, insulin dependent diabetes, renal failure or hemodialysis, chronic pain, seizures, autoimmune illnesses, or other complex conditions deemed by medical providers. These should be treated in office with proper follow up and monitoring.
  • Medical emergencies including but not limited to inability to swallow, strokes, transient ischemic attacks, severe abdominal pain, head injuries, falls, muscle weakness, eye trauma, dental problems, anaphylaxis, moderate allergic reactions. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms pick up the phone and dial 9-1-1 or go to the nearest emergency room!

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