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Your Provider:

        Autonomous and Certified Nurse Practitioner (NP) Erika Hall is a Tampa native with over 19 years serving in the healthcare industry. You get first class care with a local flavor.

        Erika is a graduate of University of South Florida’s College Nursing. She is a part of several national and local organizations and currently serves as a board member on several. 

        For the last 8 years, Erika has worked in several healthcare settings including office, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, independent living facilities, mobile house visits, and hospitals. When she is not working with clients, she enjoys community involvement, travel, and spending time with her teenage daughter, Ariyana. 

Currently, NP Erika will be providing 100% of your care. 

Advanced Mobile Medical Services website


Advanced Mobile Medical Services website

Our telehealth (e-health) access uses electronic telecommunications such as video, phone, and email for health visits. Telehealth empowers you to have convenient, balanced, and productive communication.  

What Is Telehealth ? 
A digital health answer that links individuals to real time video conferencing with a medical provider.
It is an alternative to traditional office visits and is used to appropriately diagnose, consult, treat, and educate.

Your benefits: Care when you need it from the comfort of your own setting, no travel cost or hassle, less risk of spreading or contracting infectious disease, reduced wait times, and more detailed and personalized care.

What types of visits can Telehealth be used for?
Interactions which do not require a physical exam, medication use, or lab draws.

What types of visits are not appropriate for Telehealth?
Complaints requiring a physical exam. Any symptoms outside the bounds of our clinic protocols for Telehealth visits such as but not limited to chest pain, shortness of breath, profuse vomiting, confusion, or agitation.

What is needed to connect for an online appointment?
You will need a video camera, microphone, and a strong internet connection. Android and Apple iOS devices are compatible. A private space with limited background noise and good lighting.

What should I expect in my first appointment?
You will need to verify your name with a government-issued photo ID.
You should have reviewed the privacy and terms of use policies. 
Your encounter with your provider will be as similar as possible to a typical in-person visit.
You will be asked to fill out a short feedback form at the end of the visit to help improve our Telehealth experience.

You can book your appointment 

We value your privacy and have chosen an encrypted platform that is HIPAA compliant. You should ensure that you have antivirus safeguards on your devices.

Advanced Mobile Medical Services website

Please note, a virtual visit, does not include a physical exam. Exams are objective thus if you require a physical exam, the medical provider will advise, and an in-person visit will be scheduled. Virtual investment fees will proceed toward final cost. If you chose not to proceed, you will get a “no medical treatment accepted by client” letter immediately after your visit. You will be refunded half of the fees (due to virtual software use). 

Advanced Mobile Medical Services website
Advanced Mobile Medical Services website


Our traditional office visits are for those that wish to be seen in an office setting. There are several exams and reasons why an office visit would be preferred. We do have access to an office space for these visits. 

Advanced Mobile Medical Services website
Advanced Mobile Medical Services website


Our mobile visits aim to provide convenient, flexible, and quick visits for those not wanting to or simply cannot leave their homes, offices, or private setting. All mobile visit investment fees include travel within Tampa and Brandon areas. 

Travel fees: 
Outside Counties:  Pinellas, Polk, Pasco counties have a flat rate fee of $15.00
If you are outside of the above counties but in the state of Florida, travel fees can be discussed. 

In an effort to provide you with as much information as possible and to ensure the minimal wait time for you, we have provided access to many of the medical forms that we use on our website. We urge you to download and fill in the necessary forms prior to your visit. This will allow you to provide accurate information and speed up the treatment process.